• aPHR Exam Voucher: covers exam and application fee (retails for $400)
  • The aPHR Certification Preparation Program: Print and Online Edition 


aPHR Exam Voucher: 

The voucher will be emailed within two business days of placing order.

A voucher is valid for 365 calendar days (one year) from the date of purchase. Vouchers are nonrefundable in whole or in part and must be redeemed in a single transaction through HRCI's website.

For instructions on redeeming the voucher and the Terms and Conditions which apply, please visit HRCI's website:  hrci.org


The 2020 aPHR Certification Preparation Program: Print AND Online Edition includes:

  • 400+ pages of content covering the six functional areas tested on the exam; includes both the Print AND Online Edition
  • 300+ HR QuikStudy Flash Cards; provided in both print and electronic formats
  • 14 online practice exams with answers, feedback, and page references
  • an Audio Reader as part of the Online Books; internet connection required
  • the Online Guide for Successful Exam Preparation, includes study and test taking tips
  • an Index and Key Terms in Print Edition; search feature in Online Edition
  • sample study schedules available on HRCP’s website


**The online material and practice exams are automatically added to your user account within 5-10 minutes of placing your order.

Internet access is required to view the Online Edition and to take the online practice exams.  An up-to-date browser is required. The online content may not be printed, copied, or downloaded. Access to the online materials is granted for 24 months from the date of purchase. System requirements: Windows 10 or MacOS X, 2 most recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari.



The six functional areas consist of:

  • Unit 1: HR Operations
  • Unit 2: Recruitment and Selection
  • Unit 3: Compensation and Benefits
  • Unit 4: Human Resource Development and Retention
  • Unit 5: Employee Relations
  • Unit 6: Health, Safety, and Security

Virtual aPHR Exam + aPHR Prep Program Bundle


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