1. Measures (5) core non-financial key performance indicators (KPI) in any organization.

  2. Completed in under 10 minutes.

  3. 100% anonymous, on-demand, and online.

  4. Initial diagnostic survey measures company wide performance gaps

  5. Follow-up (Pulse Survey) to quantify performance improvement

Performance Gap Indicator

  1. Our portfolio of hiring and selection assessments equip  organizations with information about aspiring candidates.

  2. This process is systematically orchestrated in most companies, yet, many are not informed about the strengths and weaknesses of candidates.

  3. Our screening and selection tools help you make better decisions about investing in human capital.

Selection Process

  1. The Emotional Intelligence assessment is designed to measure the capability of individuals to master environmental adaptation and achieve organizational goals.

  2. Our tool delivers a detailed report with prescriptive recommendations for development.

Emotional Intelligence


  1. Our 360-degree reports give individual professionals the opportunity to process how others view them.

  2. Interactive and confidential observer links for an optimal and fair assessment process.

  3. Report Types:

    1. DISC 360

    2. Communication Styles

    3. Platinum Rule

DISC 360

  1. First line of defense to evaluate potential hires

  2. 15-minute screening tool assessment

  3. Identifies fit within universal workplace dimensions

  4. Helps build a database and matched performance

Hiring & Evaluation


  1. To compliment a DISC assessment, we provide evidence-based assessments like the “Motivators” tool.

  2. The insights and data will enlighten the understanding of individuals, their strengths, and what drives them to perform at a maximum level.

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